Phenomenalism, Cartesian Doubt and Bomb #20

by Chvad SB

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For over 20 years Chvad SB has been performing & recording music, playing with a wide range of innovative & envelope-pushing bands like Things Outside The Skin (Invisible Records, Facility Records), Tongue Muzzle (Facility Records), The Qualia (WTII Records), & recently, experimental music pioneers Controlled Bleeding (Wax Trax, Soleil Moon, others). In addition, he’s been doing film soundtracks that the folks at Fangoria find “discordant & discomforting.”

On Phenomenalism, Cartesian Doubt and Bomb #20, Chvad SB was inspired by two of his favorite science fiction films Forbidden Planet (1956) & Dark Star (1974). The work of Louis & Bebe Barron on Forbidden Planet, which is credited as being the first completely electronic film score, has for years had an influence on Chvad. While a fan of John Carpenter’s film scores, it wasn’t his music for Dark Star that resonated with Chvad, but rather Carpenter & Dan O’Bannon’s (co-writer of Dark Star) take on alien & artificial intelligence. The contrast between those intelligences represented by an alien beach ball with feet with a penchant for mischief & a self-aware bomb confused about its perception on life opened the doors to tying a self-playing composition to a larger narrative.

The entirety of Phenomenalism, Cartesian Doubt and Bomb #20 is a self-playing construct created without the aid of any computer or human input. This was achieved by using feedback loops within a modular synthesizer (Chvad has christened this instrument “Hector” as a nod to the sexually confused & aggressive robotic namesake in the 1980 film Saturn 3) to generate non-repeating musical phrases that in the end, had specific musical gestures & intent more so than the randomized noise one would expect when suggesting randomized machine generated content. Over the course of four months, Chvad adjusted & readjusted the design of the synthesizer to find the most relevant “human spaces”.

For the video interpretation Chvad reached out to video artist William Laziza to create a response to Phenomenalism, Cartesian Doubt and Bomb #20. Laziza using a dense array of analog video equipment, older Amiga systems, cameras, & mirrors created the video. A reactive self-generating response to the music creating an evolving, unique analog visual field that mirrors the otherworldly yet familiar tone of the music.

The last element needed was a compelling visual representation of the project & for that Chvad collaborated with artist Heather Bondra on an original collage that would be used for the album art.

After two years of collaboration & experimentation Phenomenalism, Cartesian Doubt and Bomb #20 was ready to be released, seen, & heard.


released June 1, 2016

electronic tonalities: Chvad SB, Hector
original artwork: Heather Bondra, Chvad SB
video jewelry: William Laziza
photography: Julius Motal
special thanks: Heather Bondra, Anne Kugler, Marjorie Wood, Focus, Brian Bernhard, Brian Mitchell, William Laziza and Julius Motal. | | |

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Chvad SB Brooklyn, New York

Electronic musician and founder of Brooklyn NY experimental industrial bands THINGS OUTSIDE THE SKIN (Facility Records) and Tongue Muzzle (Facility Records) and member of Controlled Bleeding and The Qualia (WTII Records).

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